• Each mod now has an optional keybind to enable/disable the mod
    • Found in the same menu where the mod is customized
  • Added Events HUD mod, the server will be able to send certain events (such as when Envoys happen)
  • Added (optional) held item to Armor Status
  • Scoreboard is now a mod, toggleable and movable
  • Certain HUD mods are now scalable individually and seperately from the global HUD scale
    • Found in the same menu where the mod is customized
  • Fixed ToggleSprint's FlyBoost & HUD Info messages
  • HUD Info will now display a proper time format
  • Added a CosmicPvP section to the menu
    • Added Factions list
    • Added specific faction info (Visualized /f who)
  • Crash Reports will now be uploaded so they can be reviewed, on a crash do not kill the task but wait for the message to appear
  • Server specific mods (such as Breadcrumbs[CosmicPvP]) will appear in the mods list when on that server
    • Not all servers have been updated to include this change

  • Improved networking

  • Updated hologram custom name tags

  • FPS is no longer hard capped to 500

  • Fixed a bug introduced in version 1.3.5 that prevented certain armor from being rendered.

  • Performance upgrade to factions claim overlay on MapWriter
  • Skip certain lighting updates when Gamma is enabled
  • Optimize memory usage
  • General performance upgrades

  • Added "TileEntity Render Distance" option to Enhanced FPS
  • Custom Sky now works at any render distance
  • Entity render distance in Enhanced FPS will ignore player entities
  • Added "Remove Liquid rendering" option to Enhanced FPS
  • General performance improvements

  • The client will attempt to refresh an invalid access token

Launcher Update

  • JRE will now redownload if it appears incomplete
  • Launcher will be able to run on Java 6
  • Launcher log and game log will be saved into the same file

Client patch 1.3.2

  • Migrated Potion Effects name color option to the color selector
  • Migrated Potion Effects duration color option to the color selector
  • Added black and white options to the color selector
  • Added general setting to toggle displaying attribute modifiers (default: Enabled)
  • Potentially fix a world downloader crash
  • Added rainbow setting to the color selector (yay!)
  • Added "color" and "color (pressed)" option to Visual Keys

  • Applied Cosmic Client button design globally
  • Updated save file before shutting down
  • Updated default chunk borders keybind to: NONE
  • Added keybind to copy current location to the clipboard
    • Defaults to NONE, changeable in controls
  • Minor gui changes
    • Updated 'General Settings' container width
    • Allowed dragging in color selector
  • Updated 'Information HUD' mod
    • Added 'Server IP' option
    • Updated 'Color' option to use the color selector
    • Added 'Display Mode' option (Choose between Vertical or Compact display)