Heart Display

    Changed how hearts update to match 1.7


    Reduce overall memory usage.


    Further improve debug messages.

Smart Performance

    Fixed some settings bugs that caused unexpected behavior.

    Prevented smart performance from reducing entity or block entity render distance to less than 16, unless the player sets the distance to less.

Bug Fix

    Eat various unimportant errors that spam logfiles.

World Download

    Removed the sending or processing of plugin messages.

Debug Logs

    More verbosity in startup to identify why some users are crashing while loading schematica.

Error Reporting

    More verbose error reporting.

Texture Packs

    Display a loading screen when loading and unloading texture packs.


    Disable the watchdog timeout when changing texture packs.

    Increase the timeout to 5 minutes.

Information HUD

    Fix a crash that occurred with light level displays when above y255

Main Menu Video

    Enabled players to opt-out of the main menu video for performance reasons. Add "video:false" to your launcher-settings.txt.

    If the launcher detects a slow PC, it will automatically disable the main menu video.

Error Reporting

    The error reporting system has been fixed so that we can better understand existing issues.

Faction Overlay

    Improve long-term handling of faction data.

Main Menu Video

    Add an option in the launcher to disable the main menu video.

Error Reporting

    Fix the error reporting system.


    Improved the smart performance system and ensured that it works as intended.


    Fixed a bug that was causing schematics to appear as normal blocks.


    Fixed a bug that caused particles to disappear under specific circumstances.


  Made the accounts dropdown scrollable and added a scrollbar.


  Block entity and entity distance is now also applied to smart performance. Entities will not show further than the block / entity distance as configured in settings.


  Tabby Chat should now properly save it's settings and server settings (filters, ...).


  Faction overlay data will now be saved and loaded per server / planet.


  • Added "performance" / "perf" console command


  • Fixed explosion animations following the player instead of being at it's correct position
  • Update click sound in main menu
  • Roam will be disabled when switching worlds
  • Fixed a crash with schematica


Smart Performance will no longer count signs that are used for GUI's (such as creating auction house listings). Aditionally players will no longer be taken into account to prevent particles / openings at spawn to have their effects hidden. Other entities have therefore received a higher weighted impact.


  • Fixed the Pick Block functionality in Schematica
  • Sign edit GUIs have been fixed
  • Fixed CTRL + V pasting into the color switcher text field
  • Fixed rubber band while flying up in water
  • Update World Border a little better